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Utility Bill Audit 101

Like most businesses you may be overpaying for your utilities. Every month businesses across the United States receive a bill for utility usage but many times these utility bills are incorrect and the business pays more than they should. This is where utility bill audits will help your firm.

These errors and overcharges often go undetected and a business can ultimately lose thousands of dollars over the course of just a few years… or months depending on the size of the business.

Why Utility Bill Audits?

What if there was a way to recover those lost profits with just a few moments of your time and no upfront cost to you or your business? At UB Engineering we have successfully created a program which solves this problem with our no-cost utility bill analysis.

A utility bill analysis will help your business save money and optimize utility spending habits. Since most utility bills contain errors and overcharges that may go undetected this is a direct loss to your company where that money could be going to new equipment, training or to pay for other assets. You know very well that the utility companies won’t alert you to the problem… its up to you to discover the errors. But with your attention to your business and no knowledge on what to look for, chances are the utility companies will get the better of you.

Utility companies such as Electric, Water, Sewer and telephone are not required to review every account to catch their mistakes; nor are they required to ensure you are on the correct rate plan for your business.

How errors occur on utility bills

Within any given utility bill, regardless if the utility used is electric, telephone water and sewer; there are many line items, charges and meters that can complicate the bill itself. Utility companies do not have the resources to double-check each monthly statement so you bear the brunt of any overages. That is, unless you were knowledgeable in utility bill line items and knew what to look for… as well had the time it takes to do utility bill audits on a monthly basis.

Common errors on utility bills include:

  • Misreading the meter
  • Tariff Overcharges
  • Incorrect Rate Plan
  • Typographical errors
  • Computer errors
  • Faulty equipment

As an example; we can take a look at a companies previous 30 months of billing and see that the utility company had this larger business on a small business rate plan resulting in an overcharge of $21,000. Secondly, the same company showed a typographical error by the meter reader costing the company an additional $3,400.

What happens when errors are found on a utility bill audit

Recovery: Once we discover errors and overpayments we then negotiate with the utility company on behalf of your company to get a refund processed for the overcharges. In the example above, a refund back to the company of $24,400 would have been issued by the utility company.

Optimization: We then monitor the accounts to ensure proper billing and of course that the rates and tariffs are being properly applied.

Utility Bill Analysis at Zero Cost to You

UB Engineering provides professional utility bill analysis can provide substantial refunds and put those overpayments back into your business. We provide a thorough analysis of your billing history that identifies errors and attempts to recover overcharges in the form of direct refunds and credits.

UB Engineering compares every tariff offered by your utility to ensure you are on the most optimal rate plan. When you initially started your business and applied for a utility service, the utility company signed you up using a default rate plan based on your industry that will usually wind up costing you more money as your business grows and begins to use more resources.

Once tariff and refund optimization opportunities have been found, UB Engineering negotiates on your behalf to recover those funds, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

We then begin the optimization process where we’ll continue to monitor your account to ensure your business is on the proper tariff rates and to keep up with tariff changes, plus we make sure you are always on the optimal rate plan for that utility used.

There is absolutely no out of pocket costs for this service as we are a performance based business. Meaning, we only get paid if we can save and/or recover overages you’ve spent on utility services. UB Engineering’s Utility Bill Audit program is a smart move for business which not only frees your time to focus on your business, but puts money back in your pocket.

Signing up for our free utility bill audit is simple, fast and easy.

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1 thought on “Utility Bill Audit 101”

  1. I am the City auditor for the City of Grand Prairie, Texas. The entire D/FW metroplex experienced a very dry summer and many water utility customers received shockingly high water bills. Our mayor received a petition from residents asking that an independent 3rd party review our residential water billings to determine if our billings are accurate. We have approximately 40,000 single family residential water accounts. We also have a 3 tiered water usage rate plan. We haven’t received any complaints from customers in the lower tier but have received complaints from the mid and higher tiered customers. We have approximately 37,000 accounts in tier 2 and 3 accounts.

    Has your firm ever performed an audit for a water utility company? If not, can your firm perform this type of audit or recommend another auditor? If you are interested in this project we would like to get an idea of the process, how long it would take and a rough estimate of how much it would cost. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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