Utility bill auditing to recoup your funds from paid overages to utility companies. Discover how to get a FREE Business Energy Audit

Utility Bill Audit. How It Works

To put it simply, there are three basic parts to how our utility bill audit system works.

1The client reads and signs the Utility Bill Auditing Release FormUB Engineering shall use billing and account information for the sole purpose of pursuing refunds and bill reductions. UB Engineering shall make utility bill recommendations to your company and implement only upon your approval. Account information will remain confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

2The client reads and signs the Utility Bill Audit Service AgreementThis agreement authorizes UB Engineering Inc. (UBE) to pursue refunds and bill reductions on your organization’s utility bills; such as natural gas, fuels, electricity, water, and sewer. After auditing your utility bills and history, UBE shall make utility bill savings recommendations to your organization and only upon your approval implement them.

3The Utility Bill Audit. On a performance basis, UB Engineering analyzes utility usage trends and audits utility bills (reaching back 36 months) to find overcharges, errors and rate problems. UBE also evaluates meters and schedules to ensure clients are paying the minimum price possible.

  • If savings and/or reimbursement opportunities are identified, a UBE representative meets with the client to discuss findings and explains the opportunity for approval.
  • If UB Engineering is successful in obtaining a refund on behalf of the client, the fee obligation is oneā€“half (50%) of the refund, payable only if and when a credit has been applied or the client has received a check from the utility audited.

Since we operate on a performance based model, if UB Engineering cannot save you money, you owe UB Engineering nothing for our efforts.

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