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Testimonials. What Our Clients Say

We are consistently finding savings for our clients and know that with our efforts they are able to focus on their business rather than worrying about overages in their utilities. Read what a few of our client’s have to say about us and let’s see if we can’t find you similar savings in your business.

The UB Engineering team was very personable and professional. After analyzing our utility usage and bills, they continue to save us money having set us up with a lower-rate plan specific to our needs.
— C. Lolli, Controller – Asphalt Systems, Inc.

Young Living Farms

Approximate amount saved: $65,000

3form Material Solutions

Approximate amount saved: $82,000

Thanks for helping us get money back from our utility suppliers! When running a small business in a tough economy, every little bit helps. I was very skeptical when I first heard what UB Engineering was offering and I was pleasantly surprised to see the return checks. They offer a great service!

Thanks again,

— Courtney Ashliman, President, Volocron, Inc.

Lakeview Rock Products

Approximate amount saved: $100,000

Brighton Ski Resort

Approximate amount saved: $20,000

When Ryan approached me about the money we could save by using UB Engineering I was skeptical. When Ryan brought me the estimate on what we could be saving each month by using UB Engineering I was so excited. My first thought was WOW we could be saving a lot of money by the end of the year. Then I thought how it would affect our P & L there was a big smile on my face. To say the least I was a happy camper. We save on average $700.00 per month ! How sweet it is 🙂

— Pamela Yardley, Office Manager, Kaddas Enterprises

Harper Construction

Approximate amount saved: $30,000

Weber Basin Water

Approximate amount saved: $14,500