UB Engineering Letter Of Authorization Form

Please complete the form below to begin your utility audit. Upon completion, you will be sent your digital copy of the form to the email listed within the form.

All fields are mandatory.


  • This Letter of Authorization authorizes UB Engineering Inc. (UBE) to pursue refunds and ongoing savings on the below named organization’s (Organization) utility bills, i.e. natural gas, electricity, fuels, water, solar and sewer. After auditing your Organization's utility bills and history, UBE shall make utility bill saving recommendations to your Organization and only upon approval, implement them. The payment clauses below apply to savings resulting from the implementation of UBE's recommendations.

  • This Letter of Authorization serves as an agreement and encompasses the entire agreement between UBE and your Organization.

    As an authorized agent of the below named Organization(s), I accept the terms of this agreement, authorize UBE to access and review our utility data from our utility providers, and engage the services of UB Engineering Inc.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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