Utility bill auditing to recoup your funds from paid overages to utility companies. Discover how to get a FREE Business Energy Audit

About. UBE Risk Free Performance Based BIlling

Utility Bill Engineering (UBE) was founded with the vision to help local businesses reduce utility costs and recover utility overcharges from utilities providers. The idea has become so popular and utility overcharges so common, that UBE has been able to operate on a performance basis.

Although the service initially focused on servicing manufacturers of Utah, it quickly spread to many other businesses and industries. Literally millions of utility bill overages have been recovered and returned to clients with the help of our Utility Bill Audit services.

Downsize your utility bills without downsizing your company

Our performance based model of billing has allowed hundreds of clients the opportunity to receive riskā€“free energy consulting in the areas of:

  • Electricity
  • Fuels
  • Natural Gas
  • Sewer
  • Water