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24 Years Of Utility Bill Auditing Excellence Saving

Let’s face it, the economy is struggling and small business and big business is feeling the pinch. What CFO or small business owner isn’t looking for ways to save money on their utility costs? A better question would be what CFO or small business owner wouldn’t want to receive a refund of overages billed to them by utility companies?

Utility Bill Engineering offers a service that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month on your utility bills! We also pride ourselves on being able to recoup money from utility companies for previous utility bills.

We are the industry leaders in utility auditing and produce the most reliable solution to lower utility costs your company is looking for.

1. Send us your utility bills

Sign up and a UBE representative will call you with more information. Then, simply fax or email current copies of your utility bills along with our release form and agreement.

2. Utility audit begins!

Once we receive your paperwork UB Engineering begins the detailed audit process of your utility bills, meters and schedules to find overcharges, errors or rate problems, etc.

3. SAVE on your utility bills

Once UB Engineering finds savings opportunities, they are presented to your company for review and approval. Remember, we are performance based, so we don’t get paid if we can’t save you money!

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

In 3 Easy Steps!

Industries We Serve!

Manufacturing and recycling companies using great amounts of kilowatt hours monthly have seen a reduction in usage costs and overages.

Hotel Audits

Whether you’re running a hotel, funeral home or tanning salon; we’re able to find savings to help keep costs low.

Any shop using compressors, lifts and other energy consuming devices will certainly see savings, every month.

Need Help Lowering Your Utility Costs?

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